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Spicy Wings Sauces


Crank Up the Heat and Experience the Ultimate Spicy Wing Sauce

Spicy wing sauce is the secret ingredient to take your chicken wings from bland to blazin’ hot. At Firebyrd, we pride ourselves on bringing the authentic taste of American hot chicken to Dublin. Our signature spicy wing sauce is crafted to deliver the perfect balance of heat and flavour, ensuring a mouth-watering experience with every bite. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect sauce?

Our Unique Spicy Wing Sauces Selection

We offer a diverse range of hot sauces to cater to all spice lovers. From mild to extremely spicy, our collection includes local favourites and imported varieties, each carefully selected to enhance your dining experience. Our sauces are perfect for adding a fiery twist to your meals or enjoying as a dipping sauce.

  1. Classic Hot Sauce: The OG wing sauce, perfect for adding a touch of heat to your bird.
  2. Buffalo Wings Sauce: Dive into tradition with this New York-inspired flavour.
  3. Jalapeno Hot Sauce: Fresh and fiery, this jalapeno-based sauce packs a punch.
  4. Habanero Heat: Feel the burn with our habanero hot sauce, for those who love a challenge.
  5. Ghost Pepper Extreme: Tread carefully with our ghost pepper sauce, the spiciest in our collection.

What Makes Our Spicy Wing Sauce Special?

  • Heat Level: Medium to hot, perfect for those who love a good kick.
  • Flavour Profile: A harmonious blend of spicy, tangy, and garlicky notes.
  • Versatility: Great for marinating, dipping, or drizzling over your favourite dishes.

Why Choose Firebyrd?

Our spicy fried chicken and extensive hot sauce selection are crafted to perfection, ensuring that every meal is fresh, delicious, and unforgettable. Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality make us the go-to destination for American cuisine in Dublin.

  • Extensive selection of hot sauces
  • Fresh and high-quality ingredients
  • Competitive pricing

Take Your Wings to the Next Level

With a little exploration, you’ll find the perfect spicy wing sauce to transform your next chicken wing night into a flavour explosion. So, grab your wings, choose your sauce, and get ready to experience the magic of fiery flavour!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Firebyrd’s spicy wing sauce special?

Our spicy wing sauce is crafted with the freshest ingredients to deliver a perfect balance of heat and flavour. It offers an authentic American taste that complements a variety of dishes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

How hot are spicy wing sauces?

The heat level of spicy wing sauces varies greatly. Some sauces, like Frank’s RedHot®, offer a mild to moderate heat, while others can be scorching hot. Many brands will indicate the heat level on the bottle, often using terms like mild, medium, hot, or extra hot.

What are your weekly specials?

Our weekly specials feature new and innovative dishes that highlight seasonal ingredients. These specials are designed to keep our menu exciting and offer something new for our customers to try every week.

Can I use Frank’s hot sauce for more than just chicken wings?

Absolutely! Frank’s hot sauce is incredibly versatile and can be used to add a bold and tangy flavour to a variety of dishes, including pizza, burgers, and even dips.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a spicy wing sauce?

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Heat Level: How much heat can you handle?
  • Flavour Profile: Do you prefer a classic tangy flavour, something smoky, fruity, or even sweet?
  • Ingredients: Are you looking for an all-natural sauce or one with additional flavourings or preservatives?

Where is Firebyrd Chicken located?

Firebyrd Chicken is located in the heart of Dublin Ranelagh and Dun Laoghaire, making it easily accessible for a casual meal with friends or a family dinner. Our cosy and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for any dining occasion.

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